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While movement is restricted items can be delivered to addresses in the inner suburbs of Melbourne or sent via Australia Post for smaller items. Freight is usually about $10. 

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Generous Mug
Stoneware 13cm
$70 One available
Generous Mug
Stoneware 14cm


One available
Tall Mug 15cm
Stoneware 14cm $70
one available
Generous Mug

12cm $70

Message for Commission
Tall Mug 15cm
Stoneware Mug

15cm $70

Message for commission
Tall Tumblers
Tumblers 11cm x 9 cm
$ 50 ea - one remaining
Apple Tumblers
Dimpled Tumblers
9cm x 7.5 cm wide
$35 ea
Shino Tumbler
Crawly Shino Glaze
9.5cm x8.5cm
Tall mugs
Large Mugs with coloured scraffito decoration.
12cm x 8 cm

$60 ea
Ripple Bowls
White Stoneware
1@ 26 x 7cm : $80
1@ 29 x 6 cm : $90
3 @ 10 x 6 cm : $ 30
Small Flat Bowls
White matt glaze -one left
14.5 x 4.5
$30 ea
Medium Flat bowls
sold -message for commission
White Bowls
18 x 5 cm flat bowls
White Glaze $35 - one left
Large Noodle Bowls
20 cm x 7 cm
Satin Glaze $50 ea
Shallow Noodle Bowl
21x7 cm
$ 50
Large Serviing Platters
Sold - Email for commission
Straight Sided Server
sold email for commission
Expresso Cups
Tiny Tumblers
8cm x 6 cm
$20 ea
Straight Sided Server
Medium Mugs
9.5cm x 8 cm
Slip and sgraffito decoration
$45 ea
Shallow Serving Bowl
Matt Blue Mottle Glaze

27cm x 7cm
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Expresso Cups

Tiny Tumblers 8cm x 6 cm $20 ea